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Kobe’s inspirational story

Some people say that Bryant Bryant is a basketball genius, Bryant is “Los Angeles morning four points” claiming. What he means is that his success is entirely diligent. Can not help but you do not believe that someone published in April 2013 a book called “I and Kobe Bryant’s training story,” the book, Bryant said the details of the evidence. The author of this book is Robert Alert, a well-known American trainer. The book has a story: in preparation for the 2012 London Olympic Games, Robert and the American men’s basketball team came to Las Vegas.
It was the night before the start of the team, and Alter was ready to go to bed late at night, and at that time Robert’s cell phone rang. He thought, then who will call it? Because the fake kobes time is already 3:30 am.
What happened without accident! Robert was nervous to answer the phone, Kobe Bryant. “Mr. Robert, hoping not to bother you,” Bryant said. So polite, no big names on the shelf, although Robert was trapped too hard to support, but he is still very polite to say: “how could disturb? Kobe Bryant, what happened?” Phone said, “I think Know, if you can help me do some physical training? Of course, a moment in the training hall to see! “Robert hung up the phone, rushed to the training hall to catch, he thought, can not let Kobe waiting there.
To the training hall, the auction surprised Robert, Bryant I do not know when to get there, I saw him trained soaked in sweat, as if just getting up from the same water.
See Robert deliberately put on a very spiritual look, Bryant saw, said: “to hard you, we start?” Under the guidance of Robert, with fake kobe 11 1 hour and 15 minutes for physical training, and then 45 minutes The strength of training. Time is almost 6 o’clock in the morning. “I’m sorry, I’m going back to the hotel,” said Kobe Bryant, “it ‘s hard for you, thank you, too, I’m going to practice the shot.
According to the arrangement, at 11 o’clock, only rest for more than four hours of Robert had to go to the training hall to guide the team to practice. When he arrived at the training hall, the players have been in the chat, and some talk with the coach, but Bryant is still sweating proficiency in practice shooting. “What time did you mean?” Robert said in particular. Bryant asked: “What is the end?” Robert said, “Shooting training.” Looking at the hands of the basketball draw an arc, firmly into the basket, Bryant said, “This is not the end.” That a ball is the day he hit the first 800 balls.
The book in Robert’s book is nothing more than a day in Kobe’s long career. In fact, since entering the NBA after he is so every day, when most people still sleep, he has appeared in the Lakers training room, but often often trainer guidance.
Kobe has progress, then his goal is not granted in the 800 ball does not stop, and now in the same time he has been able to vote in the 1000.

Image result for kobe“Why are you so successful?” The reporter asked. “Do you know what Los Angeles is like at four o’clock every morning?” Bryant asked. Reporters shook his head: “Do you know what you talk about Los Angeles at four o’clock every day what kind of child?” Bryant scratched his head and said: “sky stars, sparse lights, pedestrians rarely.” Speaking of this Bryant laughed I’m going to walk up on the streets of the dark Los Angeles. One day has passed, the darkness of Los Angeles is going on in the darkness of Los Angeles, No more than ever changed; two days have passed, the darkness is still not the slightest change; more than ten years later, Los Angeles street four o’clock in the dark still did not change, but I have become a strong muscle, physical, powerful, High shot percentage of the athlete.
From Bryant’s words, we seem to understand that Bryant will be highly efficient every season and be able to dunk on the head of a young 10-year-old young player, creating a personal record of 81 points for a single game. The reason.
Yes, Kobe itself is an inspirational book, his replica kobe 11 sports career once again proved that “genius for hard work,” the universality and inevitability.

The development of Nike

1. Bowerman put forward a competitive reaction: a firm belief, dedicated to the director, show your mind, body and emotion, teamwork and win together. 2. Bowerman pointed out that the weight of the athlete’s shoes every one ounce, he completed a mile of the race, the cumulative reduction of 55 pounds. 3. The earliest runway is made of clear tires and cinders. (1 pound is about equal to 128 grams) 4. Phil Knight in order to obtain the right to travel tiger shoes, temporary thought of the blue ribbon sports company name, referred to as blue ribbon sports
Image result for nike5. 1962 ~ 1972 Blue Ribbon Sports Company, Blue Ribbon said the end of the runway has a blue ribbon, BRS1000 on behalf of: Bowerman and Phil Knight each funded 500 US dollars to set up the Blue Ribbon Sports, BRS1000 also represents the carbon rubber The
6. NIKE current CEO: Mark Parker (joined NIKE in 1979), NIKE incumbent brand director: Charles Denson 7. Jeff Johnson thought of the Greek goddess of victory, so NIKE played the name, the Chinese meaning: Nicky
1957: Bowerman and Phil Knight met at OREGON University, Bowerman was the top American field
Coach, created a 44-nation championship and 19 Olympic champion, Fit Knight is a fake kobes long-distance runner. 1965: Phil Knight track and field opponents: Jeff Johnson became Nike’s first full-time staff. He drove a small truck to bustle between the various running events, the truck was called: sports clinics
1966: NIKE first shop opened – runners Paradise AD (Johnson in Santa Monica, California, a beauty salon next to the rental shop)
1968: Cortez running shoes was born.
1971: Bowerman poured liquid rubber into his wife baked waffles in the baking pan produced waffle outsole
In the same year: Caroline Davidson (Graphic Design students) designed Swoosh to spend just $ 35, Swoosh
Of the design inspiration comes from the turn – gravity acceleration, but also on behalf of “whiz” means.
1972: the first pair of NIKE shoes: MOON (moon) come out
1973: Steve Prey Fontaine joined NIKE – Nike’s soul, he was the first choice of NIKE fake kobe 11 sports shoes of the famous Yun
Mobilized in 1975 died in a car accident, only 24 years old. 1977: aviation designer – Frank Rudy invented the air cushion technology. Same year.: Aehletice West Western Athletics Association established, abbreviation: AW77
1978: NIKE signed John McEnroe, 7 times won the Grand Slam champion, also known as the fire of Nike. 1979: NIKE launched the first pair of air cushion running shoes: Tailwind downwind series. 1982: Air Force1 birth, referred to as: AF-1
1985: Michael Jordan signed NIKE (1984 into the NBA) is the NBA’s greatest player – Nike mythology 1987: Air Max One was born, also known as: Air Max 87
1988: NIKE TOWN (Nike City) opened in 1991: Air Huarache (Hula) its technology was born.
The same year.: Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship. 1993: NIKE launched Grind – recycling of environmentally friendly materials. The same replica kobe 11 .: NIKE Shanghai opened.
1996: NIKE first official website was born:
1998: NIKE ID start, customers can customize their own shoes online.
2001: NIKE has set a new goal, concerned about the environment and the future put forward a new mission: for every movement around the world
Bring inspiration and innovation. If you have a body, you are the athlete.

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2003: NIKE signed with KOBE and JAMES; Jordan signed with Cameron Anthony. 2004: NIKE and Yi Jianlian signed.
2006: Liu Xiang 12 seconds 88,100 meters hurdles shock the world. The same year.: NIKE cooperation with IPOD.